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    Электрическая мобильность
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Diplomatic Sales Program Benefits & Advantages

Once you decide to purchase new car you need a reliable partner. With our extensive experience in diplomatic sales Audi can become one for you.

We will provide you with our comprehensive approach:

• Cars in various specifications to meet your future location requirements
• Customs clearance advise
• Personal manager at your service
• Special pricing policy for service
• 2 year Audi worldwide warranty
• 24/7 Audi Service
• 24/7 Audi Roadside Assistance
• Over 16.000 spare parts in stock
• Audi Courtesy Vehicle
• Audi Quattro Driving School
• Convenient test-drives
Adaptation for Russian road conditions
Russian specification of the car implies some extra features that are to cope with Russian cold climate and poor road conditions: increased ride height, reinforced suspension, engine protection cover, antifreeze¹.

Special terms and conditions

We are currently providing special prices for the whole Audi model range that is intended for the Russian market.

Any vehicle can be purchased through our dealer network, all prices include VAT.

The following groups of customers are eligible to take part in the Audi Diplomatic Sales Program:

• Embassies and Consulate Offices within Russian territory.
• Russian offices of International organizations.
• Diplomatic, consular and administrative personnel of aforementioned bodies (including family members).
• Foreign residents and management personnel of international organizations.
• Foreign citizens possessing diplomatic and/or customs privileges in Russia.
Available not for every model.